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Belbin and the art of team building for Dan Murphy's

The funky waterfront ‘Sketch’ room on Melbourne Docklands Central Pier offered a stylish location for some high-level team development with Dan Murphy’s.

As a powerhouse in the Australian retail liquor market, teamwork and leadership matter a great deal to these successful folks, and so the programme developed for them was given a great deal of thought.

Each person had completed a Belbin behavioural profile online before the programme. These profiles, and the detailed team reports composed for each functional team would form an important and evidence based foundation for the programme design (done in close consultation with leadership, HR and L&D).

Belbin profiles are not just based upon self-perception only, but also invite careful input from numerous external observers to give each person robust 360 degree feedback on their workplace behviour. A Belbin profile thus gives each person deep and practical insight into their strengths and weaknesses with a meaningful workplace context.

An interactive morning session explored at depth the individual profiles followed up by team audit sessions exploring the detailed team reports and how each team operates day to day.

The experiential learning / team building activity content was carefully matched to the desired business and cultural messages and aims for the day.

‘Picture Perfect’ was selected as a meaningful team project that not only enabled the Belbin behaviours to come to life, but also served as a relevant cross-functional challenge.

Facilitators and teams alike were thrilled with the final outcome of a very well conducted team challenge that reflected the talent and behavioural awareness within that room.

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