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Belbin GetSet for students launches in Australia

Team Building for students

GetSet is the latest version of Belbin’s renowned behavioural profiles and reports that have tailored especially for high school, university and vocational training students.

This enables those about to enter the workforce or higher education to obtain the tremendous insight that a Belbin profile can give, with all of the norming and personalised scripting having been tailored and formatted for young people.

These profiles deliver a number of great outcomes for students including:

  • - Self awareness and personal development

  • - Learning how to work with and understand others

  • - Enhance their leadership skills and behaviours

  • - Better adapt their own learning and problem solving styles

  • - Adapt their behaviour optimally to suit their strengths and better manage their weaknesses in workplace teams

  • - Plan for their career path

The GetSet profiles are also ideal for student team building programmes where we are integrating the profiles with presentations, workshops and tailored experiential / action-learning content.

Visit our new GetSet site to see the latest version of the reports and more about this exciting new format from Belbin tailored for 16 – 21 year olds.

Belbin GetSet for students

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