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Is there more to off-site team building than Amazing Races?

Well of course there is, but some days you could not be blamed for thinking otherwise.

The reality TV genre has certainly spawned a lot of parody team building approaches that whilst fun, have now become quite over-used in the conference and off-site markets. From Amazing Races and Survivor to Master Chef approaches, the TV show knock-offs have had a long run now.

For some clients under pressure to put together a conference or an off-site at short notice the temptation to pick something that’s easily understood and packaged can be tempting.

Be aware that the risk of delegates repeating these approaches is now very real. Thoughts of “oh no not another one of these race things” is not optimal if seeking impact and to make your off-site memorable.

For those seeking conference team building there are plenty of other approaches to choose from, and it’s worth spending just a bit of extra time to understand how they work and how they can be just as impactful, and usually more so, than the reality TV knock-offs.

For example…

When selecting a team building experience there are plenty of approaches to choose from, and whilst an Amazing Race can be a lot of fun, how many of your folks have already done one? Of course if they have not, then we have great Amazing Races for virtually all major destinations as well.

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