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Around The World in 80 Minutes at Byron Bay - Team Building with a Global Theme

Team Building at Byron Bay by Sabre

Byron Bay has certainly been a popular conference destination lately with many of our clients enjoying this beautiful destination for conferences and retreats.

Recently we ran a big “Around the World in 80 Minutes” concept which is a team building event that has a global theme.

Teams navigate between locations themed as world continents to undertake a wide variety of zany country themed challenges for points. With the clock running, teams have limited time once they clock onto an activity, and to get their passports stamped. Teams need to achieve a minimum standard of tasks in each zone for optimal points and a shot at winning the big prizes.

Our events that have an international flavour like this are very useful at getting teams to not only bond and explore their operating styles and approaches to problem solving, but also to illustrate the increasingly global and diverse cultures of most large organisations these days.

One of the great things about this concept is that we can also tailor the activity content to match everything from a simple ‘let’s have some fun at the conference’ brief to much more sophisticated team and leadership development outcomes as required.

Most conference and off-site clients tend to sit in the middle of this spectrum opting for mostly fun tasks and experiences, but with some more complex business related games and themes scattered to link to major themes and take-away messages.

With plenty of different activity options to choose from, we have delivered quite a wide range of indoor and outdoor team building solutions in Byron Bay so far this year.

This Around the World in 80 Minutes concept is one of Sabre’s recent developments and is also proving to be a popular and highly memorable option for our clients.

Team Building by Sabre

Team Building ideas by Sabre

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