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Sabre Vehicle used at Battle of Beersheeba 100 Years Commemorations

One hundred years ago a group of brave and outnumbered Australian Light Horse soldiers charged across open ground under heavy fire and captured the town of Beersheeba.

The last great mounted charge of its kind in military history saw the Australian Light Horse prevail against all odds to seize the vital wells of Beersheeba and thus decisively to help win the Gaza Beersheeba campaign.

Sabre was pleased to offer one of its historic military vehicles (actually a former 2/14 Light Horse Regiment vehicle of the 40’s and 50’s) to help the local Light Horse Museum commemorate this 100th Anniversary of the battle.

This vehicle is a WW2 M3A1 White Scout Car manufactured in 1942 that has been beautifully restored to represent that era, and Australia’s military heritage.

These vehicles are usually deployed onto military themed corporate team building events, but are also used for film, TV and community work in support of military and veteran’s groups.

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