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Team Building in Armidale New England on Melbourne Cup Day

Armidale is a bustling and beautiful regional city in the New England region of Northern NSW. Cracking farming country, and also host to many successful business, government and University organisations and teams.

There are some great venues in and around Armidale and New England for meetings, events and team building sessions. We recently ran a great Kon Tiki boat building challenge for 100 people at the Monckton Aquatic Centre.

We ran this fun team challenge as the inaugural "Armidale Cup" for the lovely folks from Roberts & Morrow, a large and successful New England firm.

With a diverse range of corporate, business, university and government teams based in and around Armidale and Tamworth New England, Sabre has an equally diverse range of indoor and outdoor options to suit everything from pure fun to serious outcomes.

We can design something fun to bond teams in a memorable way with a variety of themes, or undertake evidence based behavioural profiling to help obtain meaningful insight and lasting take-away value.

Sabre is happy to tailor each approach to suit your specific aims and objectives as well as the culture and demographics of your teams.

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