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Street Survivor from Port Douglas Gives Backpack Beds to the Homeless

The nice folks from The REA Group have been amongst the first clients to book one of our Street Survivor charity team building events for their retreat at Port Douglas.

They have now donated some Backpack Beds for the homeless to the Red Cross for people urgently in need of emergency shelter.

Whilst statistics are not as well kept in Australia as overseas, the impacts of ‘rough sleeping’ are terrible, and wide ranging. ‘Rough Sleeping’ is the term used for homeless people who have literally no roof over their head by accessing emergency accommodation or couch surfing with friends.

Naturally in adverse weather the impacts of rough sleeping can be fatal, and so the donation of these beds brings much needed safety, comfort and dignity to the people in need of them.

On this basis, we are truly delighted to have partnered with the ‘Backpack Beds for Homeless’ charity who design, manufacture and distribute these beds to hundreds of charities here and in the US.

So far from being just another team building event, these approaches allow a truly lasting legacy to continue after a corporate meeting or event.

When businesses like the REA Group engage these sorts of initiatives it helps real people in real need.

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