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Professional Development for Teachers

Every year Sabre has the privilege of working with many teams of teaching professionals.

We have just completed phase 1 of a multi-phase programme for 100 Queensland State School Teachers.

Tailored sessions are created to suit ongoing professional development on student free days and / or at off-sites. We work with Primary and Secondary teachers.

It’s not only our experiential team building approaches that are popular with teachers, but also Belbin Profiles and Reports that offer lasting value and insight.

The Belbin Model and its profiles and reports offer personal and professional development insights that meaningfully enhance working relationships.

Behavioural preferences, strengths and weaknesses are addressed, as well as great tools for building and developing teaching teams.

Getting teachers and teacher aides to identify and work with their unique team chemistry beyond just job title, can enhance morale and engagement across the entire staff.

The behavioural insights that can be gained from Belbin are not just for the teachers, we also have GetSet profiles designed specifically for students.

GetSet works well with students from 14 – 21 years of age to enhance self-knowledge as well as a profound sense of how to identify and work with their strengths.

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