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The Art of Team Building with Sabre

Composing and developing a great team can be akin to a great artist assembling diverse elements to create the masterpiece that was far more than its parts.

All of the necessary people, equipment and support may be present but if they are not combined in the right way, or if their unique contributions are not well timed it can easily end up more mess than masterpiece.

In our ‘Picture Perfect’ team building challenge sub teams need to complete separate canvasses that form part of a potentially much larger masterpiece. If they choose to communicate and collaborate then the separate elements can combine eventually to create a giant and lasting reminder of their achievements.

This is a very popular cross-functional and networking-oriented challenge that achieve amazing results in 2 hours.

The activity itself can be delivered in its simplest format, or it can be upgraded to feature substantial formatting and de-brief using Belbin behavioural profiles and reports to add even greater lasting value.

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