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A COVID-Safe military themed event makes the team look a bit M.A.S.H

Sabre team members donning face masks whilst also in military garb made them look like they’d just stepped out of an episode of the old military TV comedy M.A.S.H. Jokes about Klinger and Hawkeye raised the occasional chuckle.

Our military themed team building options are attracting a lot of interest as organisations shape up for their post-pandemic fights. The tough economic climate makes certain lessons from the military highly relevant to individual and team resilience.

This client group from Infotech held their national conference at the Sheraton Mirage Gold Coast and selected our Strike Force and Battlespace concepts to explore teamwork, leadership and resilience.

It’s also important to have fun and to enjoy reconnecting face-to-face away from the clunky limitations of Zoom calls, and so our approaches also provide plenty of structured fun and engagement.

The content of our military themed events can be tailored to suit each client’s specific aims and objectives, and be delivered on-site or at off-site conferences and meetings. We can even deliver some of it via online mediums if required.

Our high-end options, such as the ‘Executive Warfare Centre’ blend a fun theme with facilitated workshops, Belbin profiles and targeted indoor and outdoor experiential learning.

To see more of our military team building and development approaches visit this section of the site.


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