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COVID-Safe Team Building Solutions

COVID-Safe team building is a powerful tool for post-pandemic recovery

As organisations seek to reconnect people and develop working relationships, face-to-face events are the optimal way forward. The limitations of online mediums such as Zoom are now very apparent.

To do this safely however, COVID-Safe event practices are critical and we have been working hard to design and deliver COVID-Safe team building formats for clients as they emerge from isolation.

There are creative adaptations of proven formats as well as some shiny new ones that take into account team size and placement as well as hygiene protocols and social distancing. Whilst this will seem a little strange at first, it’s a small price to pay for ditching the clunky online meetings for the real thing.

To get a tailored proposal that matches a COVID-Safe team building solution to your next meeting or event please give us a call on 1300 731 381 or email .


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