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Diamonds R 4 Ever, a quality team building business game

Over the years we have designed a wide variety of team building events and themed business games, amongst them is Diamonds R 4 Ever, a quirky business game set in the Fashion Industry.

Far from being just some fun with bling, the game itself taps into the Fashion genre as a competitive field where knowledge is power, and knowing what trends and what doesn’t can make or break a team.

During the game there is fast-paced networking and trading, as well as intelligence gathering for market trends and possible disruptions.

Communication, team dynamics, negotiation and balancing profitability with integrity are amongst the many possible business learning outcomes scattered throughout the game.

The winning team is invariably the one that balances planning and execution, trades in an ethical manner and gathers optimal information to create products that are optimally profitable to suit market demands.

With the tendency towards needing to accomplish a big impact in a short period of time at a conference, we have also designed this activity to fit nicely into the magic 2 hour timeslot.

Where it suits, the game is also useful to pair with the Belbin Model and individual and team profiles and reports.

This enables individuals to walk away with profound insight into their preferred operating styles. The game allows behaviours to come out under some playful pressure, and then first-hand experience at how to best develop working relationships with peers.

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