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'Eco Warriors' is a team challenge that helps save species and the environment

Matching team activities with genuine environmental causes such as tree planting initiatives or wildlife conservation can be loads of fun, and also add a lasting legacy to your meeting or event.

Being environmentally friendly, carbon neutral and aware of global warming are no longer just media hype, these are now serious issues about survival, sustainability and reducing our human “footprint” on the earth!

The Sabre team will introduce the programme and challenge the participants to become the ultimate Eco Warriors. The group is divided into their teams before being issued with their information packs and maps for a competitive team challenge based on balancing profitability with their environmental impact.

Each team must undertake a number of activities in order to earn Eco Credits. The better a team performs, the more eco credits they earn. Teams meet back at a central location for a final competitive challenge as credits are scored.

Winning teams are presented with their prizes which can be the sponsorship of native animals and habitat through a range of hand-picked charities.


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