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Introduction to Belbin for 100 QLD Health Professionals

The Belbin Team Role Model is the Gold Standard of behavioural profiling for teams, leaders and also for meaningful and personalised professional development.

We have recently had the pleasure of delivering a tailored Belbin profile debrief and ‘Introduction to Belbin’ session for 100 professionals from QLD Health.

Every year hundreds of thousands benefit from a Belbin profile to better understand the impact of their own behaviours in the workplace, and also those of others. The Model is now used globally and in 18 different languages.

Belbin can be deployed for team development, leadership and management training, coaching, career planning, recruitment, conflict resolution and personal development.

Sabre has used Belbin with clients from virtually all industries since 1989 and is the Australian Distributor of the Model. In fact we have now used it with a broad cross-section of corporate, government, defence, education and NGO clients.

We can not only deliver the Model to our clients, but also train and essentially complete a full technology transfer to them for their own internal trainers to have an ongoing capability in the workplace.

It is also our pleasure to train and accredit many external consultants, trainers and team builders each year to use the tool that we know works so reliably and cost-effectively every time.


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