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Movie Making on the Gold Coast for Team Building and Project Management

Sabre team building with movie and ad making
Our prestigious 'Golden Gnome Awards' for best film, actor etc

At first glance it may seem like a big ask to have teams make their own high-quality short films and advertisements in just a few hours.

With some well composed teams, skills workshops and genuine collaboration, teams can actually produce some sensational work that is not only memorable fun, but can also include key company themes and messages.

We have recently had a great time working with the wonderful folks from Grant Thornton who produced some great work as part of their national conference at the Broadbeach Sofitel on the beautiful Gold Coast.

Our film making team building challenges include proven approaches such as ‘The Agency’ and ‘Movie Magic’ where teams receive the equipment, skills and costumes and make-up to script, story-board and produce their own films and ads.

The end results are not only funny, and a wonderful opportunity for people to let their hair down, but also represent the output from a genuine project-based challenge.

As projects go, movie making is a great format that enables a wide variety of team role styles and thinking styles to demonstrate the value of their contributions.

Genuine diversity in approach ranging from creative and analytical thinking to in-depth organisation, attention to detail and internal and external social liaison are required to ensure ideas are carried into timely execution.

A project like this is about not just having the right people and resources, it’s also about how you tap into and time those contributions from the team to enable diversity to be properly engaged and leveraged at the right time to help the project.

In addition to the purely experiential / action-learning aspects of these challenges, we can also deploy the Belbin Team Role Model (and the individual and team profiles and reports) to offer lasting insight and take-away value.

Each person, and team can leave such an event with great memories, as well as deeper insight into self and others within a workplace context.


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