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Our COVID-19 Response

Sabre's Response to COVID-19

Contacts and admin for us are business as usual

We have great 'Remote Team Building' options

Updated event postponement 'Flexibility Policy' for risk free client booking

In accordance with emerging social distancing requirements it is inevitable that face to face team building will be disrupted for the foreseeable future. This is not surprising given the unfolding global pandemic.

All of our usual contact and admin capabilities (e.g. phone email, web chat, proposal and costing generation) will remain fully operational, even when we revert to remote working ourselves.

We also have some highly effective ‘Distance Team Building’ capabilities that are being used by some remote working clients as well as our online Belbin capabilities. Both of these capabilities enable us to keep delivering some great solutions to our clients online regardless of shut downs and isolated working.

There have also been modifications to our event postponement policies to provide an enhanced level of flexibility for our clients to postpone their events due to the pandemic (contact us for details). Risk free booking with up to 24 months of flexibility to alter delivery dates as required.

Having been around for over 30 years (and having successfully already survived recessions, airline strikes, natural disasters, 911, The GFC and other pandemics) we are looking forward to working with you ‘face to face’ as soon as normality is restored.

In the meantime check out our online / remote capabilities, or feel free get a costed proposal for your off-sites that may be being planned for later in the year.


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