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RAIDERS and TRADERS - Networking, negotiation and fun

The Vikings and other peoples of the so-called ‘Dark Ages’ were adept at both raiding and trading. Vikings were in fact the standout innovators, entrepreneurs, negotiators and explorers of their age.

It is also said of the Vikings that they were wonderful opportunists who would not just rely upon force to achieve their aims, but also cunning and information on both opponents and allies.

If the township they approached was well guarded and their sentry fires were lit, then they’d trade, if the defences were weak then maybe they’d raid.

In this new business game each team represents a Viking Clan about to explore profitable opportunities to trade, and if the risk vs rewards stack up perhaps also engage in a bit of raiding.

If teams are clever in how they go about their intelligence gathering, they can leverage information in a timely fashion to help achieve their financial aims.

The game is energetic and competitive whilst also enabling some collaboration between teams to emerge as the journey unfolds. Deals are done, and teams will also engage in a large amount of accelerated networking.

We can also use the activity to draw out team and leadership behaviours for meaningful transfer to real world, especially if we pair this with the Belbin behavioural profiles and reports.

Key Themes: Networking and fun, exploiting opportunities, negotiation, the power of information, risk vs reward, team roles and communication, planning and execution, competition, profitability.


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