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Team development in Cairns with the QLD Indigenous Women’s Ranger Network

The Queensland Indigenous Women’s Ranger Network is a valuable body that helps to network and professionally develop skilled female Indigenous Rangers from a number of Government bodies and regions.

It has been Sabre’s pleasure to work with a wide cross section of these Rangers during a Cairns based development programme for members coming together from a wide variety of locations.

Some of our film and TV themed approaches provided a novel format for networking, exploring team behaviours and also summarising key themes, aims and values of the training sessions.

The knowledge possessed within the group about conservation, species, culture and how to preserve human and natural heritage is immense.

The collective sharing and deployment of this knowledge for their local communities and also in the Australian national conservation interest makes this team quite a unique and valuable asset in the regions.

The opportunity to work with these highly dedicated folks was another wonderful chance for Sabre to broaden our experience with the many Indigenous organisations that we have already been able to serve.


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