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Team DNA for Michelin in Melbourne

Team DNA is a popular and highly tailored approach combining Belbin profiles and reports with facilitated sessions and high-end experiential content.

In Melbourne we have had the opportunity to work with some of the great folks from Michelin, at their ‘state of the art’ training facility.

Some amazing automotive and aviation technology (including some huuuuge mining industry tyres) served as a great backdrop for the ‘team technology’ that was being explored by the teams.

Belbin profiles are behavioural, as opposed to purely personality based, and so help people rapidly understand how the chemistry of their team is playing out. An evidence-based set of individual and team profiles help to accelerate understanding and the team development process ongoing.

As a Team DNA session unfolds, interactive discussions are punctuated with carefully selected business games and experiences that bring key behaviours and team strategies to life.

The blend of targeted profiles, activities and business-related de-briefs are a powerful package that helps individuals, teams and organisations accelerate teams to enhanced performance.


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