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The Top Team Building Options for Sydney

Sydney is a great city for team building with so many diverse locations.

The benefits to workplace morale, culture and relationships are obvious when team events are professionally delivered. Novel activities in memorable locations is a big part of the formula for success.

Since 1988 Sabre has been a thought leader in the team building and development space, and has designed great options for a wide range of clients in and around Sydney. We have worked with clients in Sydney CBD, The Rocks, Northern Beaches, Luna Park and also in Western Sydney (Parramatta, Penrith, Blacktown) and the scenic Blue Mountains.

Clients have wide and varied tastes when it comes to team event concepts. Some like the highly tailored ‘never been done before’ approach, whilst others prefer a well-known ‘classic team build’ concept, or even a reality TV parody such as a Sydney Amazing Race.

Some of the most recent ‘Sydney best sellers’ have been:

The Sydney Quest

Quest is a highly flexible team activity format that enables us to site team challenge tasks in and around city location, parks and take into account indoor and outdoor locations. This is a great format to get ‘out and about’ in an intelligent and controlled event.

The Agency

Teams create their own TV Commercials that integrate key company themes and values. This works brilliantly in Sydney with so many iconic locations and backdrops to incorporate into their filming.

Team DNA

This is a highly tailored approach that combines Belbin behavioural profiles and reports with a facilitated session and activity content. Far more than just a one-off team building session, this offers deeper insight and lasting take-away value back at work.

Picture Perfect

Teams initially work on separate canvasses, which with some genuine collaboration may conjoin into a truly spectacular masterpiece. Whilst painting is the medium, you don’t have to be Picasso, as success comes from sharing and co-operation not brush skill.


An indoor business game that uses a military theme to draw meaningful team, leadership and business lessons from proven military tools, themes and approaches. This is a highly effective challenge to draw out strengths and weakness for review and development.

So if you are Sydney based, or Sydney bound, and seek a high quality team experience in and around Sydney give us a call 1300 731 381 or drop us an email -

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