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What makes an effective team building company tick?

Team building company

What makes a good and effective team building company tick? Many offer 'team building', few can offer the depth needed to make it add lasting value to an organisation.

A good and effective team building company now plays a crucial role in enhancing teamwork, fostering positive relationships, and boosting overall productivity within organisations.

Providers with longevity in the field possess certain key qualities and offer specific services that contribute to the success of team building initiatives. Let's delve into what makes a team building provider exceptional and effective.


First and foremost, a good team building provider has extensive experience and expertise in designing and implementing quality team building activities.

They understand the dynamics of teams at depth and possess the knowledge to tailor activities based on the organisation's specific needs. Whether it's a large corporation or a small start-up, the provider can create customised programs that address the unique challenges and goals of the team.

A quality provider may have off the shelf approaches in their repertoire, but will not just fall into the trap of becoming theme, trend or product driven to sell whatever suits their own sales goals, rather they seek to offer real solutions to hit client aims and objectives.


Many leisure-based activities get called 'team building' these days, but genuine team building is anchored in deeper principles of experiential learning and team role theory.

Diagnostic tools like Belbin are also deployed by quality providers to ensure that there is an evidence-based measure of individual and team behaviours on hand when required.

Effective team building providers prioritize the development of strong interpersonal connections among team members. They therefore work to design activities that are inclusive and encourage collaboration, effective communication, and trust-building.

These activities can range from problem-solving challenges to outdoor adventures, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie among participants. The provider ensures that the activities are engaging, inclusive, and relevant to the team's objectives.

Focusing on activities that bias fitness or only one or a handful of behavioural styles are problematic. Best to design sophisticated approaches that enable a spectrum of team role contributions to be made and for people of all thinking and behavioural styles to shine.


A good team building provider recognizes the importance of reflection and debriefing sessions. These must transcend ‘fluffy’ talk-fests and actually focus on real team and business aims and outcomes. After each activity, they facilitate discussions that allow team members to reflect on their experiences, identify strengths and weaknesses, and learn from one another.

These sessions enable participants to gain valuable insights into their team dynamics, individual roles, and areas for improvement. The provider guides these discussions with skilled facilitation, encouraging open dialogue and ensuring that everyone's perspectives are heard.

Once again, the evidence-based data and language of a tool like Belbin is a great enabler for accelerated understanding and deeper outcomes in these sessions.


In addition to designing and facilitating team building activities, effective providers also offer ongoing support and follow-up. They understand that team building is not a one-time ‘jolly’ or event but should be a continuous process.

They provide resources, tools, and strategies that teams can implement in their daily operations to sustain the positive outcomes achieved during the activities. Teaching teams ‘how to fish’. This ongoing support helps teams to maintain their newfound cohesion, communication, and productivity even after the team building program concludes.

A good team building provider also recognizes the importance of assessing and measuring the impact of their interventions. They use various evaluation methods to gauge the effectiveness of their programs, collect feedback from participants, and identify areas for improvement. By analyzing the results, they can refine their approach and ensure that future team building initiatives deliver even better outcomes.


Lastly, an exceptional team building provider possesses excellent facilitation and interpersonal skills. They have the ability to connect with diverse groups of people, create a safe and supportive environment, and manage group dynamics effectively.

They are skilled at adapting their facilitation style to meet the needs and preferences of different teams, ensuring that everyone feels comfortable and engaged throughout the activities.

A good and effective team building provider combines experience, expertise, customized programming, facilitation skills, ongoing support, and evaluation to create impactful and transformative team building experiences.

By fostering strong relationships, promoting effective communication, and addressing specific team challenges, they empower teams to collaborate, innovate, and achieve their goals. Investing in a reputable team building provider can have long-lasting benefits for organizations, leading to improved productivity, employee satisfaction, and overall success.

At Sabre we pride ourselves on taking all of the above-mentioned attributes seriously, and have spent decades honing our skills.

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