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Women’s Indigenous Ranger Network show off their team working skills in Brisbane

Sabre has once again had the opportunity to work with the Queensland Women’s Indigenous Ranger Network at their yearly forum.

This year the forum was held in Brisbane and brought together 110 experienced Indigenous Rangers. These experts work with great energy and skill in their communities to combine ancient knowledge and wisdom with modern technology to conserve some of Australia’s most significant wilderness regions.

Their yearly forums allow them to come together to network, share experiences and acquire valuable new skills and training to take back to their own communities.

Our contribution was to deliver a highly tailored version of our Picture Perfect team challenge that saw teams create a giant mural from many separate canvasses to create an Indigenous artwork. The artwork represents their fusion of traditional knowledge and modern technology.

Just as the forum itself sets out to do, teams worked at sharing knowledge and wisdom to better see and help to create the bigger picture.

It’s privilege to work with this wonderful team who are so dedicated to the custodianship and conservation of Australia’s wilderness areas.

BREAKING NEWS: Just after this forum, Founder Larissa Hale has been announced as the winner of the Prince William Earthshot Prize for their environmental work. Congratulations to Larissa and the entire QIWRN team.

About the QIWRN

The Queensland Indigenous Womens Ranger Network (QIWRN) was established in 2018 to provide a forum for women rangers to share their experiences, ideas and information; provide support and advice; and enable connections in remote and isolated communities.

QIWRN is delivered by Yuku Baja Muliku Landowner and Reserves, a Cooktown-based Traditional Owner group who were the successful recipients of a joint State Government and WWF Australia grant to establish a state-wide women’s land and sea ranger network. Yuku Baja Muliku’s Ranger Coordinator, Larissa Hale, is a trailblazer for Indigenous women, being the first female Indigenous ranger coordinator in Queensland and also the Managing Director of Yuku Baja Muliku Landowner and Reserves.

QIWRN has been co-designed by Indigenous women, government and non-government agencies, land councils and other stakeholders as a highly collaborative program that delivers lasting support, opportunities and security for Indigenous women rangers across Queensland.


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