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Making movies is a great way to deliver a fun team building event.
The Agency is a great team building activity where teams make their very own movies.

The Agency Team Building Activity


Eclipse those “World’s Funniest TV Commercial” shows with a suite of your very own gems, hand crafted by and starring your own people.  With the technology, props and skills training for the art of TV ads, teams will make some clever ads that address the nominated business themes or issues.  Lots of laughs and great memories.


The meeting is suddenly interrupted by a rather noisy team of advertising gurus who are there to brief the team on the requirement for a big advertising campaign that needs to be delivered by the team.


After a detailed explanation of the requirements for the ads (can incorporate key conference and business issues and themes, real products, or a tourism ad for your destination) teams are formed and told that it is now up to them to devise the “ultimate campaign”!


Each team will receive a detailed information portfolio that includes basic advertising campaign “Do’s and Don’ts” along with user-friendly templates for tailored scripts, storyboards and other staples for the art of making a TV ad. 


Equipment issued to teams will consist of many useful items such as digital / disk video camcorders, tripods, lighting, sound an d other technical equipment for the production of their ads.  Every member of the team must actively appear in the ad at some stage, with certain key themes, attractions and dialogue included (as well as key company / conference themes and issues).


Special workshops will also be conducted to instruct teams in the use and associated techniques for filming, scripting, storyboarding etc.


Teams will plan and strategise for the best approach, then work to create an hilarious and highly tailored TV and Press advertising campaign that features the best attractions of the destination by actually traveling around to film and photograph according to their own plans.


What better way to incorporate key themes, the best that the destination has to offer and have some laughs?


Learning Outcomes


Highly Versatile Messages and Inclusion of Content

As the medium of this event is the making of TV Ads / Short films many key learning points can actually be built into the project as compulsory inclusions into the subject matter / content.  Key company values can be creatively worked into the films, or they can be made as recruiting pieces or documentaries on various departments, products or services of the company.


Creativity and Innovation

A major component of the activity is team based approaches to creativity and innovation with each team needing to creatively incorporate key themes and messages humorously into their work. 


Teamwork and Diversity

Teamwork is a vital ingredient to make this a success as it is a real time project with a measurable outcome.  A wide diversity of team role types is also essential as it requires a team to go from pure creativity and wild ideas into analysis, timely decision making and finally into practical execution within a tight timeframe to produce a coherent end result.  A diversity of operating styles is clearly required to make this possible.


Execution and Project Management

This event requires teams to turn ideas and inspirations into a discernable outcome in a finite time period.  This requires the ability to manage time, people, resources and ideas so that they can execute well to produce the desired end result within the nominated timeframes.


Breaking Down Barriers and Entertainment

People have an opportunity to fulfil many roles during the production and it is also an ideal opportunity for people to show a side of themselves (particularly when performing) that the may not otherwise have demonstrated to their peers.  A humorous and creative atmosphere enables people to open up and enjoy letting their hair down.  When the ads are shown it’s a great form of entertainment where the people watching are also the stars of the show.




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