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The Belbin Team Role Model Australia


The Belbin Model and associated profiles and reports are based upon the Team Role Theory developed by Dr Meredith Belbin and his Associates at Cambridge in the United Kingdom.


It differs from many models in that since its inception throughout the late 70’s and early 80’s the Model has continued to be developed and refined based upon ongoing research, development and norming.  Another major point of difference is that outputs are based not just from “Self Perception” but also upon reliable “Observer” inputs for insightful 360-degree feedback.


The Model features (and the profiles measure) 9 major clusters of behavior observable in team members and leaders at work.  It takes into account the fact that these behavioural clusters are driven by many factors including psychological, situational, basic DNA and also neuro-rational and neuro-limbic factors.


The Model was developed by Belbin and his expert team into the questionnaires for both Self Perception, as well as Observer Assessments (which add a 360 degree capability to the profiles).  This can then generate a series of comprehensive individual, team and job reports that enables the Model to be used for team building, leadership development, conflict resolution, career path planning and selection.


The 9 Roles are characteristically defined as Action, Social and Thinking in their orientation with defined “Contributions” and strengths as well as associated “Allowable Weaknesses” that are considered natural “flip sides” of the strengths that can be managed. 


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