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Team Building for Charity in Australia

Team Building with Team Toy Story by Sabre
Charity Team Building by Sabre
Team Building for charity by Sabre Corporate Development



Since its creation in 1988 Sabre has contributed its time, expertise, financial support and many pro-bono events and programmes to a wide variety of local, national and international charitable organisations and projects.

We have also designed some great charity and CSR team building events for our clients (see samples below).


Every year Sabre also runs many pro-bono events for leadership and volunteer teams from charity groups as well as encouraging clients to use our CSR / Charity based team building events at their conferences to link team achievements to tangible real world post-event legacies. 

Organisations that we have helped include: Unicef, World Vision, Bravehearts, Rotary, Red Cross, Smith Family, Barnardos, Salvation Army, Youth Off The Streets, CANTEEN, Royal Children’s Hospital, Peter Hughes Burns Foundation, Ronald McDonald House, Surf Life Saving, RSL and numerous other local and national community and charitable events and programmes. 


We hope that you can also play a part in helping these great causes by booking one of these events, or just making a donation to any of these worthy organisations.

Team Building for Charity with Sabre for the homeless
Team Building for Charity Toys for Kids
Team Building for Charity Bikes for Kids
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Team Building for Charity with Sabre
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