Military Vehicle Hire

Sabre has its own collection of military vehicles and equipment that it utilizes mainly for military themed corporate team building events.  Amongst our collection are three classic military vehicles that we are happy to hire out for event and film and TV work.  These are in running order and great condition.  NOTE: We don't do school formals. ALL VEHICLES BASED IN SE QLD.


M3A1 White Scout Car (WW2 Era)


Used by the US and allies throughout WW2 and also post war for recon, command vehicle, armoured ambulance, as an armoured personnel carrier and for field gun towing.










































M151 A2 Mutt Jeep (Vietnam and Cold War Era)


The US military replaced the Willy’s Jeep with the Mutt (Military Utility Tactical Truck) and they were ubiquitous with US Forces and allies throughout the Vietnam and Cold War era.











































MK 2 Ferret Scout Car (Cold War and Modern Era)


British armoured recon and fighting vehicle used post war by many nations and continued into service with some units until the Gulf Wars.



















































So in addition to their team building and event work, these vehicles are available for selected themed event and film and TV work by request and subject to their availability at the time. 


See also the Sabre Militaria website for military vehicle hire and military collectibles. 

Also commonly used for military themed stage, film and television productions are replica pistols and replica rifles. These safe and non-firing reproductions offer a wonderful and far easier to access and store alternative to real blank firing weapons (that require much more costly licensing, storage and supervision).

Visit here to see a range of quality replica pistols and rifles.