Music as a team building activity

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At the heart of any great festival is music.


This lively and colourful team event will turn your entire team into their own vibrant folk percussion orchestra.


Your meeting will become a festival of sound, colour and unifying beats.


Using 10 – 12 different types of folk percussion instrument sub teams will use voice, beats and vibes to express a powerful common outcome.


Music is a fun medium via which to explore teamwork, motivation and unity of purpose. Just make sure you are at a venue that doesn't mind a LOT of noise.

Duration: 1 - 2 hours

Group Size: 20 - 1000

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Big Vinyl Revival


Everything old is new again, consider vinyl records for example.  


This is a team challenge that blends a high energy series of cerebral and physical challenges with some good old-retro vibes and some unique Team DJ action.   


The higher a team scores in the challenges, the better their chances of picking the tunes they need to win the play off / dance off, and not getting stuck with some dubious vinyl from the very back of Nanna’s closet.


What else can make a stunning comeback from the past to bring us joy and utility?  This team challenge can also be used as a vehicle for de-briefing past success and issues to carry ideas forward for future enhancement. 

Duration: 1 - 2 hours

Group Size: 15 - 500