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Sabre's "Big Toys" for military themed team building events.

Sabre has been designing and running military themed team building events for major clients since 1988. Of course these days we also run many other diverse themes and approaches for our clients (e.g. art, fashion, film making etc).

Along the way we have acquired a massive array of military uniforms, props, equipment and even fully operational military vehicles. These make sensational backdrops and working props for a military themed corporate event. We also have loads of fun with them.

One of our historical vehicles is even being borrowed soon by the Australian Army for a military Tattoo.

These military team building approaches range from outdoor and adventure based approaches such as our Corporate Strike Force event (our oldest and boldest event concept) through to the more sophisticated indoor business game / simulation Battlespace or high-end "Executive Warfare Centre".

These exciting and engaging themes are a fun and entertaining way of looking at teamwork, leadership, decision-making and thriving in complex and competitive environments. Far from being overtly physical and macho approaches, these are creatively tailored to address the unique aims and objectives of each client and can deliver powerful and lasting messages.

So yes we have some great toys and "bells and whistles" that can be deployed on these approaches, and much fun can be had, but there is also great scope for depth and lasting learning outcomes.

Sabre military vehicles.jpg

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