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Bikes for charity is a nice legacy from a team building event.

Recently we have conducted quite a few different versions of our "Whose Bike Is This Anyway?" conference team building event.

Teams initially compete in point winning tasks and challenges tailored for the required location, duration and desired levels of complexity (anything from pure fun to high-end business games).

Points are eventually exchanged for bike components that teams initially feel will be for a big competitive race, only to find out the bikes are for a much better purpose when charity reps arrive to accept the donation. We always use reps from the charity to accept the bikes and never actual child recipients as we feel very strongly that their dignity is far more important than any corporate event no matter how nice the motives may be.

This event is a nice way to leave a lasting legacy from a conference or meeting and should also provide that charitable organisation with some welcome exposure and profile to an audience who may be moved to engage in some ongoing support or advocacy for them.

Our other CSR and Charity team building approaches are also worthy of consideration as some times it's not bikes that these guys actually require.

We are always happy to work with our clients to make sure that their event makes not just a meaningful contribution, but also one that is actually needed.

charity csr team building.png

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