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Team Building Melbourne

Melbourne is a highly diverse and stylish city well-suited to team building and team based activities for meetings and events.

Over the years we have made great use of the CBD area, St Kilda, Southbank and even Pentridge Prison for Melbourne team building that has been highly tailored for corporate, government and sporting groups.

Sabre has been designing indoor and outdoor activity formats since 1988 for both conference clients and those seeking more substantive team and leadership development programmes. As a member of the Melbourne Convention and Visitors Bureau we are also well-placed to tap into virtually any location or venue required for an event designed for conference groups.

Amazing Race style formats have proved popular to explore the city of Melbourne on foot and also utilising the characteristic Melbourne trams.

When the weather is less than friendly for the outdoor options then a great indoor activity such as our "Picture Perfect" team painting challenge can be well-suited to the artistic moods and venues of Melbourne.

There are also nationally and internationally renowned events such as The Melbourne Cup that suit themed events of ours such as "Horse Traders" or major Fashion events that lend themself to catwalk based team building Melborune challenges such as "Fashion Fiasco".

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