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Team Building in Cairns with Pfizer

As big fans of Far North Queensland Sabre loves it when team building in Cairns and Port Douglas is on a client's radar.

We just had a great time with 150 folks from Pfizer who experienced a tailored Amazing Race style format around Cairns. It was a beautiful day with plenty of sunshine, but mild enough to get around comfortably. Naturally in hot Northern summers you have to stage the outdoor components very carefully indeed, but in Autumn and Winter being out in Cairns can be just comfortably warm.

A variety of major checkpoints in picturesque locations challenged teams to draw upon their talents, diversity and will to win. There were plenty of laughs and the event also added some colour and energy to great locations like the Cairns Esplanade as the many teams checked in.

When conferencing in Cairns and other locations in Queensland's tropical Far North such as Port Douglas there's plenty to see and do.

The trick is trying to incorporate some team based content, and getting out and about into the busy working agendas of conferences. By their very nature business conferences can be content heavy, and a good team building activity can genuinely assist to break up the sessions.

When carefully tailored to suit the organisations culture, objectives and business messages it can also be a valid learning experience.

In areas like Cairns where there is a vibrant tourist and backpacker scene along with plenty of great tourism infrastructure great activities can be tailored to incorporate key attractions and locations. We have even recently run a big team building event on the Great Barrier Reef's Green Island for Allianz.

So if you are headed to the Cairns and Port Douglas region and want a great team building experience tailored for your teams, let us create something unforgettable for you.

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