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Team Building in PNG with the United Nations

Sabre has just delivered a three-day team and leadership development retreat for the local UNFPA team of the United Nations in Papua New Guinea’s capital of Port Moresby.

The foundations of the programme were constructed upon detailed individual and team Belbin profiles.

These profiles enable us to target quite specific aspects of individual and collective team behavior to ensure that strengths are being optimally leveraged, and that weaknesses are being managed and offset.

The Belbin Model is embraced around the globe by the United Nations (including at UN headquarters in New York, their global Staff College in Turin Italy and in many regional offices around the world).

Amongst the many advantages of using Belbin is that it helps to provide a common team language that transcends not just functional roles, but also boundaries of nationality and culture.

To get a team of people to a rapid and stronger common understanding of what each person brings to the team and their role by way of behavioural strength and weakness enables team development to occur more smoothly.

Team based challenges, interactive discussions and team audit processes were interwoven throughout to enhance understanding of team dynamics and quickly transfer lessons learned to real world enhancements.

The very important strategic work done by the UNFPA within the region includes safe and planned births along with advancing the rights and opportunities of women and young people to ensure healthy and sustainable futures for local communities.

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