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Team Building and Development with The United Nations

Sabre has just concluded another team development retreat with the United Nations.

This three-day programme was conducted in Wewak PNG for the country team of the UNFPA as part of an ongoing team development continuum (the team having previously undertaken another retreat with Sabre).

The programme was tailored to suit the further developmental aims of the team as well as for the integration of new team members by building upon their insights and knowledge of the Belbin Model.

Carefully selected experiential simulations were also conducted to help draw out key learning points and link them back to team and relationship dynamics at work.

The town of Wewak sits on the North West Coast of PNG and is a beautiful and exotic location where the surrounding beaches and jungle remain relatively untouched by development. It is a memorable spot indeed for a team building retreat.

In addition to the amazing surroundings, there is a great deal of World War 2 History with major battle locations and memorials.

It was once again an absolute pleasure to work with such a wonderful team of people who work daily to truly improve the lives of all people within their region.

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