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Leadership Development for Youth in The Clarence Valley

We have recently had the privilege to work with 20 young leaders from the Clarence Valley region in NSW.

These young leaders have been selected by the Clarence Valley Council to act as a Youth Action Committee to inform regional government about the many important issues impacting youth within the region.

The delegates consist of senior high-school students along with recent school leavers.

Sabre was invited to deliver a Leadership Development day where we made use of the Belbin Model to help these young leaders understand their behavioural contributions to leadership and teamwork.

An understanding of individual and collective behavior using Belbin profiles provides a wonderful platform for leaders to develop their own capabilities, and enhance the contributions that they can make as a leader or as a team member amongst other leaders.

The Nymboida Outdoor Centre also provided a beautiful backdrop along with some great outdoor challenges later in the day. The blend of profiles, workshop and activity content provided these young leaders with a great opportunity to deploy and develop their leadership and teaming skills.

In fact during the workshop components and experiential / activity elements it was nothing short of inspirational to observe just what these young leaders were capable of. Having worked with teams and leaders all over the world (and from virtually all types of organization), I just couldn’t help but be impressed by how capable these young people are.

It’s always refreshing to see youth like this at their best deploying diverse skills and ideas whilst also managing individual egos in such a way that they would put many commercial leadership teams to shame.

The quality of their self-awareness and team dynamics was of such a high calibre that they solved a number of complex team challenge tasks better than most commercial teams in fact.

These guys are a credit to themselves, their schools and organisations and their region.

As the year progresses and these young people come together in project teams we are certain that they will have no problem accelerating the team building process and delivering great insights and real outcomes.

The Clarence Valley Council is to be commended for investing in the process of engaging these young leaders and deploying their enthusiasm, creativity and skill for all youth in their region.

We wish them all the very best for their coming year on this vibrant committee.

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