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From high-level accreditations to crazy team building in Perth, there's never a dull week at Sab

We have recently experienced a great few days with some diverse clients in Perth that illustrate the broad range of what Sabre can do for clients these days.

At one end of the spectrum we ran some high level Belbin Accreditation courses, and at the other end some outrageously funny classic team building activities like our “CSI-The Death of a Diva”.

It served as a nice reminder of just how stimulating and diverse our work can be lately.

The great extremes at which those two examples sit along the team building spectrum also reminds us of just how important it can be to have both ends of that spectrum available to us for our clients.

When delivering the highly sophisticated behavioural approaches it’s nice to have the fun stuff on tap when required to inject some interactive levity. Conversely to be able to enhance the fun with some meaningful depth as required is quite handy also.

The Belbin Model is at the cutting edge of behavioural profiling for team and leadership development. It’s underpinned by decades of research and is used world-wide with an enormous variety of clients for everything from individual development and team building to leadership development, coaching and conflict resolution.

The two-day official Belbin Accreditation course is an intensive step for professional HR, L&D, OD and leaders to becoming highly proficient users of the model and associated profiles and reports at work.

At the other end of the spectrum sits classic MICE market team building approaches such as our CSI-The Death of a Diva that sees teams engaging in a colourful and quite hilarious murder mystery with a difference.

We love being able to offer both ends of this spectrum, and everything in between.

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