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Leadership Development with Jetstar Graduates

We have recently enjoyed working with an elite cohort of graduates within Jetstar as a component of their leadership development curriculum.

Individual and team Belbin profiles and reports provided a valuable foundation for the sessions that explored behavioural strengths and weaknesses. Tailored approaches were then crafted to help participants explore the impact that these behavioural factors have upon teamwork, leadership and project management.

With reliable self-assessment and carefully selected observers each Belbin profile is capable of offering deep and pragmatic insight into each participants behavioural preferences. The sophisticated Belbin Interplace system also takes into account a number of factors to then offer detailed and personalized advice based upon the profile data.

Once individual profile data is captured, many other profiles and reports can also be developed such as a Belbin Team Report which offers detailed insight and advice on the behavioural chemistry of a team.

Once profiles and reports had been explored in an interactive session, teams then undertook a sophisticated tabletop business game / simulation known as ‘Battlespace’. This activity is designed to create a complex scenario that draws out individual behaviours for clear observation and review.

Exposing graduates to such behavioural insights into their own leadership styles and how to work with, develop and adapt that behavior as their career progresses is a great tool for engaging and furthering grad cohorts.

“The Graduates benefited greatly from exploring their Belbin profiles and discovering more about their team dynamic. Your knowledge of the tool and its practical application provided great insight to the group. Many of the group since been chatting to us about their profiles and the information really resonated.”

Jetstar Organisational Development Leadership and Learning Lead

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