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Building Boats after Tropical Cyclone Debbie

The State of Queensland was recently impacted by Tropical Cyclone Debbie and also by its drenching aftermath. In the midst of this meteorological chaos it was uncertain if a leadership meeting for Diona would proceed.

With some folks having already arrived, and some still en-route, the intrepid team decided they’d press on, and so did we. With the people there, and the venue in support, why not? Team Building in the midst of challenge is what it's all about.

Whilst the Sunshine Coast was impacted by the rain as opposed to the full fury of cyclonic winds, the power was out and the venue operating with great effort and initiative to look after its guests. Hats off to the great staff of the RACV Noosa.

It was great to be able to fulfill this programme for a great team, and also to keep in mind how lucky we were to not be hit as hard as the poor souls further up North who may take months and years to recover.

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