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Silk Road team building game delivered in the USA

Silk Road team building game by Sabre

Silk Road Traders business game delivered for 150 people in Pittsburgh USA

We were delighted to help our US team deliver the team building business game ‘Silk Road Traders’ to a client in Pittsburgh this week.

The concept of our Silk Road game is anchored in the colour and adventure of the old Silk Road with a journey from West to East through exotic towns and markets. It offers many great parallels with the complexities of modern international business, and learning outcomes around planning, negotiation, ethical dealing and managing risk and opportunity.

Each team needs to travel in a Caravan group with other teams, and wheel and deal their way to acquiring trade goods that represent the most profit for them. The many opportunities that the Silk Road offers enterprising g travellers, will come with a fair share of potential perils and pitfalls for the ill-informed and the ill-prepared.

Knowledge is also power on the Silk Road, and in tandem with planning a safe journey, teams also need to acquire timely information to help balance risk and reward.

The room is always quite a buzz as teams noisily network for information and trade goods in the marketplace. There is also the excitement of the great Camel Derby in Palmyra where teams race their Camels in unusual style, and perhaps place the occasional side bets as well.

The winning teams are those who make the most of opportunity on the basis of accurate real-time information and a sound strategy. They will also have needed to foster good working relationships with their travelling companions, and of course their customers and suppliers.

Silk Road is a great business game and team building experience that involved fun and networking along with some serious business themes and lessons.

To find out more about our team building concept Silk Road, and how we can deliver it to meet your needs feel free to contact us at any time, and if you are in the USA, here's our US Partner website -

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