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Movie Making at IHG Sanctuary Cove with Arbonne

Some vibrant and fun-loving teams from cosmetics brand Arbonne have enjoyed one of our team Movie Making challenges at IHG Sanctuary Cove on the Gold Coast.

Each team was given a detailed briefing on team process, scripting, story – boarding and then access to the technical workshops for how to best use their film making equipment.

Some key information and branding for new company products was presented for integration into the stories that each team would tell to make sure that business issues and themes were integral to the activity.

Access to costumes, make-up, wigs and props was followed by teams moving out onto location to make their films.

Screenings to the teams and then subsequently to senior management enabled them to showcase their productions, and have the prestigious ‘Golden Gnome Awards’ presented for the best execution of both film and business case studies and messaging.

Our film-making challenges are wonderful formats for teams to not only engage in a real time project and explore team and leadership process, but also to creatively summarise key business and product themes.

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