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Team Building in Byron Bay for 100 Toyota Managers

Team building for Toyota by Sabre in Byron Bay

Byron Bay continues to attract business tourism clients, such as a recent Toyota Manager’s meeting that was conducts at Elements of Byron Resort.

Sabre was selected well in advance of the meeting as the team building provider and to deliver a tailored version of our Kon Tiki Boat Build.

The Kon Tiki Challenge is one of our most popular outdoor summer teams builds, but with some unpredictable weather still hanging around from Cyclone Oma, Elements At Byron helped provide some great undercover spaces for the build as wet weather back-up.

This was a great example of how clients, venues and team building providers can work together in advance of an event to have wet weather back-ups in place well before the day of delivery. Much easier than trying to sort it out at the last minute.

With clear sky unfolding as the session wore on, the final race events could be conducted on one of the picturesque lagoons as planned.

We also got to check out some awesome cutting edge sustainable technology parked at the front of their meeting room in the form of one of their new hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The technology looked advanced enough to have a flux-capacitor being loaded by Doc from Back To The Future.

Team Building outdoors by Sabre

Indoor team building by Sabre

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