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CSI – The Death of a Diva: A simply ‘Fabulous’ team building event.

Crime-scene and murder-mystery themed team building with a difference.

Our CSI-The Death of a Diva team challenge sees investigative teams make use of colourful crime-scene re-enactments, forensic science techniques and genuine teamwork to solve a crime.

Flamboyant cabaret personality Carlotta Druscilla has been ‘done away with’ in a most dastardly way. Did she know too much or was she just a powerful Queen that had to be toppled by some jealous rivals?

Finding out the classic ‘who dunnit’ is just a small part of this challenge, teams will also need to assemble an accurate portfolio of evidence that will stand up in court to actually convict the wrong doers.

This is a fun, immersive and highly engaging twist on the crime and murder genre using novel methods and activities to get teams competing, yet sometimes collaborating as well.

Our most recent CSI – The Death of a Diva challenge was conducted at Voco Hotel on the Gold Coast for an enthusiastic set of teams from UKG. They did a sensational job of bringing the tasks to life and solving the crime with creativity, style and accuracy.

The basic format of this event can be pitched as a fun challenge only, or upgraded with our ‘Team DNA’ format to add Belbin Team Role Profiles and reports and a tailored team development workshop. This blend assures both fun and lasting take-away insights and value.

A purely fun team activity can provide some enjoyment, networking and impact, but the value is limited for genuine team and leadership development. Adding some targeted workshop content using Belbin helps make the positive impacts more relevant and lasting.

To find out more about our basic or advanced formats of this team building approach simply give us a call on 1300 731 381 or email


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