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Online workshops for developing remote and hybrid teams

Online workshops for developing remote and hybrid teams

As the pandemic continues to impact the way that people work, interactive online team building sessions may remain the best option for some teams.

Throughout 2020 we delivered many successful online and hybrid programmes and stand ready to do so in 2021 for clients needing to make use of these formats.

Individual Belbin profiles are completed online, and from these comprehensive reports for individuals can be used to learn a great deal about how to understand and manage behaviour at work (be that in live, virtual or hybrid environments).

The data can also be used to create insightful team reports on the chemistry of the total team as well as any day-to-day sub-teams. Working relationship reports can also be used to explore the relationship dynamics between pairs of people.

Team members undertake all of the pre-session work easily online, and then via scheduled Zoom or Teams sessions engage with one another in facilitated workshops. Workshops are tailored to address specific aims and objectives, usually around understanding and making better use of individual and team behaviours and working styles.

Individuals and teams take away lasting tools and practical strategies for improving team performance, communication and understanding at work. Workshops are also designed to teach managers and team members ‘how to fish’ as it were, to be able to meaningfully use the tools and language of the sessions themselves. Many free follow-on resources and tools are made available online.

We are fortunate to have great online tools and methods to enable genuine understanding and team performance outcomes even when face to face sessions cannot occur.

There are of course instances where some team members may be face to face, and others working remotely. In such cases we tailor and adapt the delivery of the workshop to suit the needs of such teams.

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