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Selecting the best Team Building options for Summer

As our weather heats up some approaches to team building are potentially far better suited to the extremes of Aussie weather than others.

Providing you have a safe body of water (and a wet weather back up area to build) our classic team boat building activity ‘The Kon Tiki Challenge’ is always a winner. The event pictured here is one that we delivered recently on the Gold Coast Broadwater for a fun-loving team from Flight Centre.

Warmer weather often excites organisers and event planners to get outside, but great care must be taken to ensure delegate safety and comfort when the heat is on. Shade, water stations and having sunscreen on tap is a must.

For any planned physical outdoor team building in hot weather, for example an Amazing Race style activity, they group demographic must be taken into consideration. Sedentary office workers of diverse ages and fitness may not react well to prolonged exposure to heat and activity.

Getting it wrong can squash morale or even worse. Prior planning that takes into account how extremes of weather may play out on the day are vital with duty of care in mind for any group. Big and quite sudden storms are also a summer factor to take into consideration.

The fact that Australia is also undergoing a nasty bushfire season, may also lead many careful planners to consider quality indoor team building options in some regions.

For a great reference on selecting indoor and outdoor options on the site CLICK HERE.


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