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Team Building with Boats

Team Building with Boats

Build your own boats with cool plans and resources

Boat Building as Team Building The Kon Tiki Challenge

Boat building can be a great team building activity, and our "Kon Tiki Challenge" is certainly far more sophisticated than the old "poles and drum" raft build. Works brilliantly on hotel resort pools and lagoons or any body of of flat and safe water.​

A great Kon Tiki Team Building event for McDonalds in Hawaii
A team building event for McDonalds by Sabre on Waikiki Beach Hawaii
A team building boat race for McDonalds by Sabre at the Hilton Waikiki Hawaii
The Kon Tiki team building event by Sabre
The Kon Tiki Challenge


Each team receives highly specialised equipment, tools and blueprints for the construction of their very own boat.  Not just a flimsy "kid's camp style raft" but a very sturdy and very real "boat". 


If teams collaborate, communicate and execute well the boat they build is incredibly seaworthy and reliable (more than capable of what they will be asked to do with them). Teams are initially surprised at the materials they have to build with, but with some genuine teamwork and leadership (and the best systems and plans) anything is possible!


This is a highly engaging and "hands-on" challenge where teams are justifiably proud of the outcome.  


Kon Tiki can be delivered within many different themes (e.g. Pirate, Military, Polynesian).


Group Size: 5 and up

Duration: 2 - 3 hours

Venue: Build indoors or outdoors, race indoor or outdoors subject to venue pool / lagoon availability.

Key Themes: Teamwork, leadership, communication, use of good systems, perseverance, cross-functional working, team roles, agile, fun.



A great team building boat race by Sabre
A great team building boat race for 700 people by Sabre on Australia's Sunshine Coast
Team building boat race by Sabre on Australia's Sunshine Coast



Sabre is committed to sustainability and recycling with regards to all event consumables.  For this activity all consumables are sourced and re-used based on being recyclable, re-usable or bio degradable.  Craft and other materials that are un-used or below event standard are also donated to local schools and landcare programmes.

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