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Theme Park Team Building for the MICE Market

What could be more fun than a themed team building challenge designed to bring out the best in people? Well, you stage it within one of the Gold Coast’s best theme parks.

Sabre has a great partnership with Village Roadshow Theme Parks to design unique team building solutions within Movie World, Seaworld and Paradise Country on the Gold Coast.

The rich and exciting environments of the theme parks offer wonderful opportunities to blend effective team challenges with attractions, rides and experiences within the parks. Special event packages can also include a comprehensive range of catering and take-away gifts for the participants.

Many of our best team building event formulas have great success with client teams, adding a fantastic theme park as a backdrop makes them even more memorable.

Getting out and about within the parks to meet some famous characters and have a few thrills can be structured within genuine team development content ranging from planned fun, to quite sophisticated learning outcomes.

We can even conduct highly tailored Team and Leadership DNA programmes that feature Belbin behavioural profiles and facilitated sessions integrated with the activity content. Serious fun and serious outcomes, the best of both worlds.

To find out more about how to experience a team building challenge within one of these great theme parks call us on 1300 731 381 or email us at

Sabre runs great team building events at Gold Coast theme parks
Movie World is a great team building location for a Sabre event


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