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What are your quiet quitters telling you?

What your quiet quitters are telling you?

“They’re waiting for the tools to build great teams.” The majority of the world’s employees (59%) are ‘quiet quitting’. That’s according to Gallup’s latest State of the Workplace Report. And these quiet quitters are the best opportunities for driving organic business growth. They’re already in the chair, waiting to be encouraged and inspired. What’s more – your quiet quitters know what they would change. And for the biggest group (41%), it isn’t about pay, benefits or even wellbeing… It’s engagement and culture. “For everyone to get recognized for their contributions” is at the top of the list. Clearer goals and stronger guidance feature too, along with more approachable managers and open conversations. We know that focusing on strengths boosts team performance. And we know that management is a big part of the equation, with 70% of engagement attributable to managers. But managers don’t have a magic wand. “Many or most of your managers are quiet quitting too,” say Gallup. They’re stressed and overworked as well. And “they are waiting for the tools to build great teams.” We have that tool. We know that people need more than a colour or symbol on an awayday and then back to ‘business as usual’. They need a practical, evidenced-based and strengths-focused strategy which can become part of the fabric of everyday working. Belbin is the practical language that managers need to help their teams on the ground: to recognise and celebrate strengths; to facilitate more effective collaboration and delegation; to manage conflict, and so much more. We’ve worked with thousands of teams to boost engagement, and the effects on performance speak for themselves. To find out what we can do for your team, please get in touch.

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