Team Building in Living History

Our history-based team building approaches are far more than just a fun opportunity to dress up (fun though that is). The genre, legends and success stories from history that we have designed these events around are also very rich seams for business themes, issues and insights.​  When In Rome, Silk Road Traders, Islands of Atlantis and Viking Saga are all engaging and sophisticated ways to tap into some living history.



Legendary Pirate Captains and Crews are the stuff of Hollywood, but the real ones were not just wild party goers and brigands, they were also highly democratic and effective teams (well the successful ones were anyway).


In this team challenge a noisy Pirate Crew will press gang your teams into service for a unique Pirate Raid to cross a dangerous sea, engage in combat and rescue the treasure.


A hand-picked selection of team challenges is blended within this Pirate genre to address your desired messages and themes.

Group Size: 10 and up (also suitable for large groups)

Duration: 2 - 3 hours 

Venue: Indoors.  Can make use of your existing meeting space. 

Key Themes: Teamwork, team roles, leadership, seizing and then consolidating opportunities, profitability through situational awareness, cross-functional collaboration, creativity, balance risk and reward, persistence, negotiation, networking, fun.

When In Rome


When in Rome is a sophisticated business game that takes teams on a journey into the many opportunities and perils of empire building in ancient Rome.


Each team serves as the leadership of their own expanding empire in diverse roles such as Senators, Generals, Merchants and prominent Artisans. They will be directly responsible for the successes and failures that arise from their own decision-making, planning and execution as the game unfolds.


Teams will need to conquer new territory, consolidate new people into the empire, trade in goods and services and then export innovations out to their new found citizens to maintain harmony and a desire to remain part of the empire.


Unexpected twists and turns will fill the game with fun and energy with any team wishing to be profitable and to hold on to all they have gained needing to think and work as a united team.


Group Size: 15 and up (also suitable for large groups)

Duration: 3 hours 

Venue: Indoors.  Can make use of your existing meeting space. 

Key Themes: Teamwork, team roles, leadership, seizing and then consolidating opportunities, profitability through situational awareness, cross-functional collaboration, creativity, balance risk and reward, persistence, negotiation, networking, fun.



The Viking Saga


The Vikings were renownded for their advanced seamanship and business acumen as well as fighting hard for what they wanted.  They also had an extraordinary ability to party just as hard afterwards. 


The Viking Saga is an engaging and high-energy team challenge that requires teams to become elite Viking warbands setting out seize opportunties.  An epic journey to far-flung shores and then taking exactly what they want is the aim.


Some great lessons can be learned from the creativity, boldness, innovation and determination of the Vikings who were not only feared conquerers and raiders, but also successful and entrepreneurial traders and settlers (not to mention party animals).



Group Size: 8 and up (suitable for large groups)

Duration: 3 - 4 hours 

Venue: Indoors and Outdoors.  

Key Themes: Teamwork, team roles, leadership, seizing opportunities, cross-functional collaboration, persistence, determination, networking, fun.

We also have a Viking themed trading and networking game

Raiders and Traders

In this energetic business game each team represents a Viking Clan about to explore profitable opportunities.


Teams will trade and negotiate and if the risk vs rewards stack up perhaps even engage in a bit of raiding.  


If teams are clever in how they go about intelligence gathering, they can leverage information in a timely fashion to help achieve their aims.


The game is fun and competitive whilst also enabling some collaboration between teams to emerge as the journey unfolds. Deals are done, and teams will also engage in a large amount of accelerated networking.

Group Size: 15 and up

Duration: 1 - 1.5 hours

Venue: Indoors, no extra set up required, can be run in most meeting room set ups.

Key Themes: Networking and fun, exploiting opportunities, negotiation, the power of information, risk vs reward, team roles and communication, planning and execution, competition, profitability.

Silk Road Traders


Silk Road Traders is a tactile business game that also has a unique multi-national flavour.   The game is set in the ever-changing and dynamic environment of the old Silk Road where East truly meets West.


Teams journey along the famous Silk Road in Camel Caravans where conflicting agendas can be reconciled for strategic mutual gain, or end in destructive competition that may doom the entire Caravan. 


Fun and adventure is balanced with some good business acumen as each team seeks to trade profitably in their exotic goods.   Values that vary depending upon what town they may find themselves in at any given time, and the motivations of the buyers..


The journey is punctuated with a noisy and energetic camel race at the Oasis of Palmyra along with some unexpected twists that may seriously impact the unprepared (or those suffering from disunity).  The most profitbale team will be the one who achieves their own goals whilst avoiding the short-term profits that may come from unneccessary conflict and disunity with those around them.


Group Size: 20 and up 

Duration: 2 - 3 hours 

Venue: Indoors.  

Key Themes: Teamwork, team roles, leadership, collaborative competition, negotiation and trading, client focus, client needs, changing market forces, seizing opportunities, cross-functional collaboration, persistence, determination, networking, fun.



The Islands of Atlantis


Teams inhabit one of the mythical "Islands of Atlantis" with each team forming the esteemed Senate of one of the smaller islands of the Atlantis archipelago.


They will have overall responsibility for the prosperity and success of their island. Each Island Senate has sworn to undertake certain mission critical economic responsibilities, targets and budgets that must be adhered to if they wish to remain in power.


Islands must reconcile their desires to compete with one another and learn to collaborate if they are all to survive and complete major capital works of pyramid and temple building.


Group Size: 20 and up

Duration: 1 - 2 hours

Venue: Indoors.

Key Themes: Relationships and networking, resolving inter team conflict, collaborative competition, sustainability of a total organization, resource allocation and communication. Duration: 1 – 2 hours