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Add Belbin reports to your event

Add Belbin reports to your event

A Belbin session adds lasting value to any team building event

Team DNA Upgrades

Team DNA Upgrades

Add Belbin profiles and reports to your event.

Team DNA Workshop Upgrades

Team DNA Workshop Upgrades

Add Belbin profiles and reports to your team building event


Team DNA is a genuine team building upgrade

Add a short Belbin workshop and Belbin Individual Profiles to the start of your event to deliver truly lasting value.


The phrase 'team-building' is used to describe many things, but few one-off team builds can genuinely achieve lasting team building or team development outcomes.

Adding Belbin Profiles and a short workshop ensures real take-away value.


Stand-alone activities can have limited value, and if poorly chosen or timed, can actually do damage to team dynamics.

Our Team DNA formula adds genuine and lasting value by helping people to better understand themselves and others with Belbin profiles and reports.

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"On behalf of everyone, we'd like to thank you for your work with us this week. Everyone really appreciated and enjoyed the Belbin profiles and the team challenges we did together."


The United Nations


“Outstanding throughout, and we really appreciated you interpreting the brief and then bringing it to life so spectacularly. The Belbin team types were spot on and everyone benefited hugely by having their own personal profiles. The feedback to us from the team was excellent.”




"The energy, effort, professionalism and fun you brought to the preparation and the day itself was excellent and the team gained so much from your knowledge"


"The team benefited greatly from 

exploring their Belbin profiles and 

discovering more about their team 

dynamics. Your knowledge of the tool 

and its practical application provided 

great insight to the group.  Many of the 

group have since been chatting to us 

about their profiles and the information 

really resonated."



Team DNA team building upgrades
Team Building challenges by Sabre for Team DNA

Get maximum value from your investment in team building

with Belbin Team Role Profiles



















What will a Belbin Individual report offer?



A Belbin Individual report offers personalised advice and guidance, designed to help individuals:

  • Identify and promote their behavioural strengths

  • Gain an understanding of how others see and value their behaviour

  • Consider how they might best present themselves 

  • Form more productive working relationships with their managers and colleagues

  • Understand how they can make their best contribution when working with others

  • Harness and maximise their strengths for the benefit of the team

  • Know when they should delegate work, and who they should work with to produce positive business results



Upgrading your activity to a Team DNA will add a short interactive presentation on behavioural Team Roles to the front of the session.  This also includes a comprehensive individual Belbin Team Role profile for each person and useful take-away handouts. This session delivers lasting insight and take-away value that also helps take your chosen activity to another level and profoundly enhance individual and team performance back at work.


To upgrade any standard team building activity or event to a Team DNA level programme, it’s just an easy three step process.


STEP 1 – Pick your Team Building Activity


We have a huge range of indoor and outdoor team building experiences, we can easily help you to select those that will best suit this Team DNA format as well.


STEP 2 – Complete online Belbin profiles


Each person logs in and completes what’s called a “Self-Perception Inventory” using the world-renowned Belbin Model. It only takes about 10 – 15 minutes, and you can also obtain 360-degree feedback by having us add Observers that each person can invite to offer Team Role feedback.


STEP 3 – Team DNA workshop on the day


We deliver a short and highly engaging Team DNA session before your team building activity and explain the profiles before handing them out for interactive Q&A and matching the session to your specific aims.


This is our recommended format for ensuring genuine and lasting impact from any team building session. 


Whilst activities alone can be a lot of fun, they don’t enable people to get a deeper understanding of behavioural strengths and weaknesses.


A Team DNA session gives people wonderful insights into their own operating styles, and those of their team mates.


The Belbin Model has been the Gold Standard for team building, development and behavioural profiling for over three decades. 


As Australian Distributor Sabre are experts in the use of this model for individual, team and leadership development. 





Belbin Team Roles Australia

Which behaviours do you and your team play strongly at work?

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