CSI - The Death of a Diva

CSI - Death of a Diva is a twist on the usual murder / mystery scenario.​

A Nightclub Cabaret Diva has been murdered under bizarre circumstances and it's up to your team to find out "who dunnit", and also to undertake a range of genuine forensic and CSI based challenges.


In addition to accumulating genuine forensic evidence, teams will also need to hilariously re-enact crime scenes and piece together the final hours of this rather unorthodox victim.  Teams will need to carefully analyse evidence and the actions of various nefarious characters that had contact with the victim before her un-timely demise.  


Group Size: 20 and up 

Duration: 3 hours 

Venue: Indoors.  Can make use of your existing meeting space. 

Key Themes: Teamwork, creativity, entertaining, gather evidence for analysis, networking, fun.