Sabre has a number of events and approaches that are designed to accelerate networking between people at meetings and off-sites whether staff, leaders or clients (or indeed all three).​  A sample of one of these approaches is the accelerated networking game Nexus.

Nexus The Networking Game


Nexus is a high-energy and accelerated networking game that's sure to get people meeting, chatting and exchanging all sorts of unusual insights and facts about their own life, their company and other general weirdness.


Each individual commences with a unique locked container and a key that won't unlock their own allocated information or equipment.  Whilst networking to locate a person who can open their lock, a detailed "human treasure hunt" must also be completed for individual networking points, prowess and bragging rights.


As everyone gets unlocked teams are gradually formed and there will be a winning team and an individual winner in the room with the highest points.  They are crowned the room's best networker.


Group Size: 10 and up (suitable for large groups)

Duration: 20 - 45 mins 

Venue: Indoors or Outdoors.  Can make use of your existing meeting space. Great way to kick off a meeting or dinner.

Key Themes: Accelerated networking, breaking the ice, fun, enhance morale.